Wolves in Sheep Clothing (Genre as Sartorial Satire): Robin Hardy talks the Legacy of The Wicker Man the Timing of The Wicker Tree, and 40 years of History

It has indeed been nearly 40 years since the release of the British cult film about cults: The Wicker Man.  Director Robin Hardy has a fairly sparse resume in the ensuing years, only a single film, and a single... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Director & Stuntman Nash Edgerton Talks SPIDER Sequel BEAR, His Work With David Michôd, And How Stunts Tell Stories!

Nash Edgerton is one of the most exciting cats in filmmaking today. It's strange to still call him upcoming, but while his style is signature; his videos insanely viral; his fans among the most famous; and his mark on indie... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

A Cavalcade of Franchise Talent Talk All Things HARRY POTTER

[A final thank you to Diva Velez for her coverage from the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two DVD release at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida. What follows are highlight from the... More »
By Diva Vélez   


[Once again thanks goes to Diva Velez for the following interview with four-time Harry Potter helmer, David Yates, which took place in early November during the Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part Two DVD press conference at the Wizarding... More »
By Diva Vélez   

Warwick Davis Talks HARRY POTTER & New Show LIFE'S TOO SHORT

[A hearty thank you to the Diva Velez, aka The Lady Miz Diva, for the following interview with Star Wars/Harry Potter veteran Warwick Davis. This interview was conducted during the press conference for the DVD release of 'Harry Potter And... More »
By Diva Vélez   

Interview: CALVET Director Dominic Allan

Earlier this year at the Edinburgh International Film Festival I had the chance to see Calvet (read my review here), a powerful and gripping documentary about a French painter called Jean Marc Calvet who turned his troubled life around. It... More »
By Ross Miller   

Director Nick Hamm Talks Music, Failure, Comedy, and KILLING BONO

"I was very much a part of that world." Nick Hamm's Killing Bono provides an insider's view of the UK music scene in the late 70s and 80s, as U2 ascended into the stratosphere, leaving their high school compatriots... More »
By Peter Martin   

FILM INTERNATIONAL (VOL. 9, NO. 3): Positioning Cinephilia; Taking a Stance with Jonathan Rosenbaum

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my interview with Jonathan Rosenbaum in the current issue of Film International (Vol. 9, No. 3). An excerpt of this transcript was published earlier on Twitch. Cross-published on The Evening Class.... More »
By Michael Guillen   

FANDOR: SLEEP FURIOUSLY (2008): Interview With Jonathan Marlow

On Friday, July 29, 2011, Fandor presented the digital premiere of the acclaimed Welsh documentary sleep furiously (2008) in coordination with its U.S. theatrical release. sleep furiously debuted in the UK last year, receiving overwhelming praise from British critics and... More »
By Michael Guillen   

ARKHAM SANITARIUM: The Director Speaks And Reveals The First Trailer

[Our thanks to Dejan Ognjanovic for conducting the following interview.]We have covered upcoming indie feature Arkham Sanitarium a fair bit already and now that shooting of the film is over, its director Andrew Morgan is subjected to a torturous examination... More »
By Todd Brown   

A frank chat with Kevin Lewis, author and script writer of THE KID

It was a real treat to interview the humble and positive Kevin Lewis whose newest book The Scent of a Killer is out now. The Kid hits stores in Australia on 27/06/2011.  The Kid is a very difficult watch, initially,... More »

SXSW 2011: Sean Hogan and Simon Rumley Talk LITTLE DEATHS

Three fiercely independent filmmakers met at Fantastic Fest in 2006 and that meeting eventually led to their making a movie together. Their psycho-horror anthology flick Little Deaths kicked off the SxFantastic sidebar in rousing fashion at SXSW last night, with... More »
By Peter Martin   


Thirteen years in the making, Craig McCall's documentary profile of cinematographer Jack Cardiff reveals an impassioned artist who literally painted with light and dramatically transformed the art form of cinematography through his chiaroscuric B&W lighting and his early experiments in... More »
By Michael Guillen   


When he's not busy scripting Hollywood blockbusters for the likes of Alex Proyas and Scott Derrickson, UK based screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine is wringing his hands menacingly and plotting his own directorial career. Allusions to cartoonish super-villainy aside, Hazeldine has crafted... More »

Alan Clarke and Alkaseltzer - A Conversation with DOWN TERRACE's Ben Wheatley

Winning accolades and fans across the festival circuit for the past year, and comparisons to material as far and wide as Ken Loach and The Sopranos (although in all fairness it is neither of those things, more like deader-than-deadpan Coen... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Hacksaws, Flying Saucers, and Improv: Round 2 with MONSTERS' Gareth Edwards

[Can't get enough of MONSTERS? Or maybe you don't have time to explore/enjoy Kurt's ultra-in-depth interview at the moment? Well, here's another option for you, a quick Q&A from Peter with our man of the hour, Gareth Edwards]Team Twitch has... More »
By Peter Gutierrez   

Allegories, Expectations and Effects: Round 1 with MONSTERS director Gareth Edwards

One of the more patient and subtle genre films to come along in some time, Gareth Edwards' directorial debut, Monsters, is a film with a title iconic and nebulous enough moniker to build a certain set of expectations like an... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

TIFF 2010: Interview With Programmer Colin Geddes

Per TIFF's website: "Colin Geddes selects cutting-edge films for the Toronto International Film Festival's Real to Reel, Vanguard, Visions and Midnight Madness programmes. Since joining TIFF in 1998, he has introduced new talent and programmed many notable world premieres... More »
By Michael Guillen   

Anthony Hayes talks BENEATH HILL 60, THE SQUARE, MYLES BARLOW and new projects!!

Actor, writer and director Anthony Hayes has many nicknames. While "Tony" or "Hayes" are obvious, he's also been called "the John Turturro of Australian acting" given his tendency to nail standout supporting roles and the fact that filmmakers tend to... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

NOT NECESSARILY NOIR: Interview With Elliot Lavine

"Of the darkness in men's minds; what can you say?"--Joni Mitchell, "The Wolf in Lindsay" Not to counter Joni's world-weary query; but, in fact, when it comes to the darkness in men's minds, film writers have a lot to say... More »
By Michael Guillen   
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