TALES FROM THE CRYPT To Rise From The Dead, Shyamalan To Exec. Produce

One of the horror world's favorite anthology TV series is set to be remade by one of mainstream cinema's most beleaguered directors, and I'm not sure how to react.According to Deadline, M. Night Shyamalan, the director of The Sixth Sense... More »
By J Hurtado   

Guillermo del Toro Taking FANTASTIC VOYAGE

Guillermo del Toro is touted for every movie under the sun, so take this with a grain of salt, but if things work out, he will be going under the skin for a new version of Fantastic Voyage. He is in... More »
By Peter Martin   


The new year in Blu-ray begins with one, maybe two, clear winners. Sicario: A top 10 pick of the year, per our writers (including myself), this is a pulse-pounding thriller that should look spectacular on Blu-ray, thanks to Roger Deakins'... More »
By Peter Martin   

DUNKIRK: Nolan To Direct Hardy And Branagh In WWII Drama

French newspaper La Voix du Nord and The Hollywood Reporter are bringing us the news that British director Christopher Nolan's latest will be a World War II drama based around the 1940 evacution of British and French troops from Dunkirk.... More »
By James Marsh   

DOCTOR STRANGE: Your First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch In Costume!

Entertainment Weekly got the drop on everyone and published this week's issue with Benedict Cumberbatch in his Doctor Strange garb on the cover. EW also promises to reveal Rachel McAdams and Mads Mikkelsen's roles as well. What say you? What do... More »
By Andrew Mack   

First Look At Michael Fassbender in ASSASSIN'S CREED

Entertainment Weekly has just published the first official image of Michael Fassbender in costume as Callum Lynch, the lead in Justin Kurzel's adaptation of video game behemoth Assassin's Creed, which is currently filming in Spain. The Australian director previously directed... More »
By James Marsh   

Listen To Radiohead's Rejected Bond Theme SPECTRE

Thom Yorke, frontman of British rock outfit Radiohead, shared a Christmas treat via Twitter yesterday. Confirming rumours that the Oxford-based band had indeed been working on their own theme song to Sam Mendes' latest James Bond film, Spectre, Yorke shared... More »
By James Marsh   

Is Cursed Too Strong A Word? Stunt Woman's Arm To Be Amputated, Crew Member Crushed To Death In Separate Incidents On RESIDENT EVIL Set.

Difficult doesn't even begin to describe the circumstances around the Paul W. S. Anderson helmed Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Word emerged from the South African shoot back in September about the horrific injuries sustained by stunt performer Olivia Jackson,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Head Back To TWIN PEAKS With First Teaser

Y'know, there's something about Michael Horse being the voice of the first teaser for the new Twin Peaks that just makes me very, very happy. Almost as happy as the fact that - holy crap! - there's a new Twin... More »
By Todd Brown   


Set to arrive in the thick of the U.S. presidential primary season, The Manchurian Candidate promises to be a timely release from the Criterion Collection in March 2016. On a happier note, Edward Yang's masterful A Brighter Summer Day will... More »
By Peter Martin   

Watch Now: Tina Fey Goofs It Up In WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT Trailer

Too soon? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, a comedy about news reporting in the Middle East among suicide bombers and hijabs is coming our way on March 4, 2016, and we've got the trailer below. In the poster, you may recognize that the... More »

Watch Now: HAP AND LEONARD Teaser Promises Southern Shenanigans

Earlier today, the brand-new Hap and Leonard teaser dropped to promote the forthcoming series from Sundance TV. Based off the best-selling books from author Joe R. Lansdale (Cold in July, Bubba Ho-Tep), the series is slated to premiere in March 2016.Starring Christina... More »

New GODS OF EGYPT Trailer Still Looks Pretty Ridiculous

Perhaps mindful of recent accusations of 'whitewashing' its cast, a new trailer for Gods of Egypt puts the emphasis on the wildly colorful production design, to the point that I wonder if the whole thing was shot on an empty... More »
By Peter Martin   

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2: Kurt Russell To Be Offered Role Of Chris Pratt's Father?

Sources close to The Wrap are saying that Kurt Russell (The Hateful Eight) will be offered the role of Chris Pratt's father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the sequel to Marvel's breakout hit from the Summer of 2014.... More »
By Andrew Mack   

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM Trailer Debut: Creatures Run Amok In New York

In other franchise news, the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them debuted today. David Yeats, who directed the last four of the Harry Potter films, is back in the main chair, and he is joined in... More »

SPOTLIGHT Is Best Movie Of 2015, According To Dallas-Fort Worth Critics

The Dallas/Fort Worth Film Critics Association has selected Spotlight as the best movie of 2015. Performances by Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant), Brie Larson (Room), Paul Dano (Love and Mercy), and Rooney Mara (Carol) were named as best in their respective... More »
By Peter Martin   

First STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Is An Odd - But Fun - Blend Of Influences

Right. I think it's safe to say that where Star Trek is concerned the time has come to pretty much throw expectations aside as far as how the Trek universe is supposed to behave and just kind of roll with... More »
By Todd Brown   

First INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 Trailer Delivers Massive Scale Propatainment? Entertanda? Let's Blow Shit Up And Shout Yay, America!

Roland Emmerich's 1996 blockbuster Independence Day was, if we're being honest, as dumb as a bag of rocks while also very, very smart about the particulars of its stupidity. A big, glossy package of "Yay, us!" escapism it was designed... More »
By Todd Brown   

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Trailer Teases Massive Scale Mutant Action

It's back to the past for the latest of Bryan Singer's X-Men adventures with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender et al donning the suits for X-Men: Apocalypse. And while the titular Apocalypse himself continues to look far more silly than threatening... More »
By Todd Brown   

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Tops Online Critics Awards

George Miller's action epic continues to pick up steam in awards season as it was named Best Film of 2015 today by the Online Film Critics Society, of which a number of Twitch's contributors are members. Miller also nabbed the... More »
By James Marsh   
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