Sean Smithson
Contributor; Salt Lake City, Utah

Sean "The Butcher" Smithson left the world of music, in which he helped found the thrash genre in the early 80's, to pursue his first love... cinema. Now a writer at both Fangoria magazine and Twitch Film, Sean is able to bask in his slave-like addiction to films from any and every genre. These days instead of banging heads, he bangs the keyboard, dispensing his love of all things film related. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

More News On GODZILLA Comes Stomping In

More news on the upcoming Gareth Edwards (Monsters) directed reboot of Godzilla has come stomping in over the last couple of days.Even with the drama between Legendary Pictures and the producers they are trying to trample like tiny cardboard buildings... More »

Spielberg's ROBOPOCALYPSE Is Still Happening

Contrary to yesterday's news, it seems like there's still life in the batteries of Steven Spielberg's adaption of the Daniel H. Wilson sci-fi novel Robopocalypse after all. Spielberg issued this statement earlier- "We found that the film was costing a... More »

Halloween Horror Primers: Giant Monsters!

Sometimes bigger IS better. One of my favorite fantastic flick sub-genres is that of the "ginormous monster." I don't know a single kid who hasn't gone through some kind of dinosaur phase in school. Coupled with growing up on the local... More »

Go Ape Over The New Phil Mucci Video For Pig Destroyer's THE DIPLOMAT

Playing off the look of Mr. Mucci's last video (for stoner gods High On Fire) comes this 2001 / Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes inspired clip for grinders Pig Destroyer. Like the hard stuff or not, this visually... More »

Halloween Horror Primers: The Werewolves Attack

Probably my favorite of all "classic creatures" is the werewolf. Notoriously difficult to pull off FX-wise is surely part of the reason the Lycanthrope isn't as proliferate in the horror genre as it's cousins the vampire and the zombie. Cursed... More »

One WRONG TURN Deserves Another! Horror Icon Doug Bradley Speaks About WT5!

Doug Bradley really needs no introduction to horror fans. After many a turn as Pinhead in the venerable Hellraiser series in which he took center stage as the stalwart villain, Mr. Bradley jumps over to the "folksier" side of the... More »

Interview: Jeff Fowler & THE GOON Need Your Help! Time To Start Kicking Y'all!

Help Kickstart The Goon!!!If you've ever read Eric Powell's insane comics series amalgam of monster-mash goodness, Bowery based, beer soaked noir called The Goon, then you are probably already on board with the idea of it coming to the big... More »

Halloween Horror Primers: The Slashers!

A mainstay of horror films is the venerable "slasher" sub-genre. Whittling down the good from the bad can be an arduous task though. So instead of you less muck-bound readers getting crap all over your boots, let me help you... More »

Interview: GREYSTONE PARK And Sean Stone Want To Scare You This Halloween

Sean Stone has a lot to live up to. The son of a very famous director (Oliver Stone), Sean begins carving out his own niche in film making with his horror film Greystone Park. One of the many current... More »


Picking up from the last moments of the premier, this episode opens as chaos abounds. The group's plans have gone awry, as Hershel's severed leg bleeds out, and a small gang of survivor inmates clamor to be released from the... More »

Halloween Horror Primers: Satanic Panic!

Need something scary to watch for Halloween? Look no further than this quickie series of primers where I will be recommending some of my favorites. Devil, Vampires, Werewolves, Slashers, Zombies, oh my! Here we start with the Big Guy himself...Mr.... More »

TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD S3E01 Is The "Seed" For More Action Packed Things To Come!

Like most fans, I was pretty angry when Frank Darabont was fired from the show he had worked so hard to bring from the comics page to the tv screen. I see his Stephen King adaptions as the best of... More »

George A. Romero Speaks From The Lund IFFF: "I Am Writing A Comic For Marvel"

I was a mere 9 years old when I was first gobsmacked by the monochrome nightmare that is George A. Romero's Night Of the Living Dead. A die-hard Creature Features kid, Saturday nights were always spent, Kool Aid and popcorn... More »

Tonight! Salt Lake City See AMC's THE WALKING DEAD On The Big Screen

Heads up, zombie lovers and horror fans. Yours truly will be hosting The Walking Dead on the big screen at Brewvies Cinema Pub starting tonight, October 14th! I'll be joined by Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot, and we'll be... More »

Twitch in Bondage: Bonded By Blood

Because the Bond films have been around for so long and have been wildly popular, they become representative of the times in many ways. The films mark the moments and eras in which they were made -- geo-political relations, attitudes... More »

Twitch in Bondage: The Spies Who Never Loved Us

There have been a fairly large group of actors who have donned the tuxedo and strapped on the Walther PPK to play the iconic James Bond at this point.The cinematic incarnation of the world's most suave secret agent is now... More »

INBRED Goes Old School With New Poster

Alex Chandon's grim, grimy, and funny Grand Guignol style film Inbred has a brand new poster, which in my opinion kicks ass. Being the old geezer I am, and growing up on painted style posters, this piece of throwback style... More »

POSTHUMAN Teaser Is Adrenaline Fueled Anime Goodness

I've been on an anime kick lately, with the new Space Battleship Yamato 2199, and Macross Frontier fueling that fire. Now along comes PostHuman, a 6 minute short film from Humoring The Fates Animation Studio, a commercial studio whose client... More »

Bloody Good Fun in HIM INDOORS Teaser Trailer, Plus Festival Updates

As you may have read here, I thought Paul Davis' short film Him Indoors, which centers on a serial killer with agoraphobia, was quite a piece of work. Now you can get a taste of the bloody good fun yourself... More »


Hooray! The Blu-ray release of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures hits next week on the 18th, and a special IMAX run kicks off this Friday, (Sept. 7) of the movie that started it all, Raiders Of the Lost Ark.  That... More »
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