TIFF Report - The Ninth Day, The World, Kontroll Reviews, and some closing thoughts

This is my last report from the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay in Toronto for the entire film festival, which meant that I missed a lot of anticipated films that played only during... More »
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TIFF Report - Niceland

I was lamenting to some people earlier that, due to my constant running around to theatres and whatnot, I had yet to have a real "line experience". You know, where you strike up a conversation with someone, start sharing... More »
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TIFF Report - Symmetry, The Overture, Throwdown, Schizo Reviews

As invigorating as I often found "House Of Flying Daggers", the fact that I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep following the midnight screening of "The Machinist" left me in a bit of an exhausted state. I knew... More »
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TIFF Report: I Heart Huckabees, The Machinist, House Of Flying Daggers Reviews

I'm afraid that any review I do of "I Heart Huckabees" is going to echo Todd's word for word. Needless to say, I loved the film, and it was the perfect film to catch first thing in the morning.... More »
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Dead Leaves Event...

Now is a great time to be an anime fan. A number of highly anticipated movies are hitting North American screens this year ("Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence", "Steamboy", and "Appleseed"), with plenty of other titles currently being released... More »
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New Team America Trailer

Okay, so this isn't a TIFF report - well, I did just get back from "I Heart Huckabees", and it's well worth your time and money if only to see Mark Wahlberg's performance - but it's still big news. Maybe... More »
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TIFF Report: Undertow, Automne Reviews

Just walked in the door after catching the North American premier of David Gordon Green's latest, "Undertow". I decided against joining the rush line for the Midnight Madness screening of "Creep", which might have been a mistake seeing as... More »
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TIFF Report: After the Day Before, GITS 2 Reviews

After the hellish flight that Todd described a few posts back, and after a good solid sleep to take care of any jet lag, and my first viewing of "Spaced" (brilliant!), I finally darkened a theatre door around 9:30pm,... More »
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