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Frightfest Halloween All-Nighter Line-Up Revealed

Hot on the heels of Frightfest 13th comes the full line-up announcement for the Frightfest Halloween all-nighter, taking place on 27 October in central London. It's a typically juicy line-up, as anyone who has checked out James Marsh's fantastic coverage will have... More »

THE PACT Doesn't Quite Keep Its End Of The Bargain On UK Blu-Ray

Nicholas McCarthy's The Pact promises an intriguing mash-up of ghost story and serial killer flick, permeated by psychological troubles and murky secrets from the past. It focuses on the appealingly self-reliant Annie (Caity Lotz), beckoned home by her estranged sister... More »

Blu-ray Review: TOTAL RECALL

For a time in the late 80s and 90s Paul Verhoeven was the go-to director for witty, bombastic, sci-fi action movies. With Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers he brought a fantastic loopiness to the staid Hollywood action picture,... More »

Londoners! Catch a HEATHERS and SOCIETY Double Bill!

The good folk at Midnight Movies return at the end of the month with a double bill perfect for those people who don't quite fit in... Brian Yuzna's practical effects wonder Society, and the dark high-school fable Heathers. As... More »

NORRIS And LUNDGREN In Their Prime! A Feast Of High-Def, Fighty Goodness On Blu-ray!

With The Expendables 2 trundling towards us like some bloated relic, primed by misguided enthusiasm, it's as good a time as any to remind yourself what its stars were up to in their prime. Well, Anchor Bay has the goods,... More »

Bored Of The Olympics Already? Celebrate The Summer With Some Alternate British Film Classics!

Whatever your views on this summer's range of British national pride-inducing events, from the Queen's Jubilee to the Olympics, you can rest easy because Studio Canal are using it all as a springboard to bring an eclectic mix of... More »

Terracotta Announces 'HONG KONG 15' Festival in London

Having successfully run the Terracotta Far East Film Festival in London for a number of years, Terracotta have announced a one-off festival of Hong Kong films in London, starting on 2nd July.Details are yet to come, but it's sure... More »

Hammer Restorations continue with Double Play discs of THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES and THE REPTILE

 Hammer's exciting catalogue restoration continues with a duo of swanky new home entertainment releases - The Plague of the Zombies and The Reptile, shot back to back by John Gilling in 1966. Both due for release as double play Blu-ray/ DVD... More »

THE INNKEEPERS Gets UK Cinema Release

Ti West's latest horror flick has gathered a healthy dose of praise from Twitch writers (look no further than the review round-up to see why) so it's great to hear that The Innkeepers will be getting a theatrical release in the... More »

UK DVD Review: A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE is a great way to spend an evening

Adam Wingard's highly accomplished third feature, A Horrible Way To Die, is a pervasively uneasy serial killer flick that scored big on the festival circuit last year, and deserves a wider audience than its title will inevitably permit. A temporally... More »

Blu-ray Review: THE SHRINE

That difficult second feature from Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer director Jon Knautz slips quietly onto home video here in the UK, nearly a year after screening at Glasgow Frightfest. Marking a shift in tone, The Shrine leads us into some... More »

UPDATE - WINNER! UK Folk! Win a PERFECT SENSE signed poster and DVD!

Congratulations to Gareth Earls! A DVD and signed poster will be on their way.As January drags to a close, what better way to blast out those winter blues than with the cracking sci-fi romance, Perfect Sense. What's that? Still waiting for... More »


Part hard-nosed revenge flick and part moody examination of a damaged psyche, John Flynn's Rolling Thunder is one of the very best Vietnam 'coming home' movies. It's also the sort of period piece that you just don't get any... More »

A Christmas present from ARROW: 4 new titles for March 2012!

From our exclusive feed with Cult Labs we have some exciting news on Arrow's 2012 slate with 4 new titles announced for a March 2012 release. And what a gloriously eclectic mix it is, with a reassuringly (for me, anyway) strong showing from... More »


When I first came across the fantastically misleading artwork for a ropey, BBFC-sanitised VHS of The Exterminator in my local video shop, I could but dream of the grisly thrills it held in store. 'Some years' later, that flame-thrower... More »


UPDATE: Thanks to all those who entered - we had plenty of love for Santas in Bad Santa, Miracle On 34th Street and Santa Claus (1985). Plus an unnerving level of affection for The Santa Clause (1994)...Anyhow the winner is... Catherine... More »


The Dardenne brothers might just be the most reliable film-makers working today. With a unique brand of realist cinema they've made a succession of critically lauded dramas concerned with Belgium's grimmer locales and inhabitants. Often involving low level criminality,... More »


Early One Morning (De bon matin) opens with middle-aged banker Paul Wertret (Jean-Pierre Daroussin) entering his office as normal before shooting two of his fellow workers dead without hesitation. Through a series of flashbacks as Paul sits at his desk,... More »


The Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn is one of a handful of great independent cinemas left in London. This October it's playing host to The London Lift-Off Film Festival, a showcase of short films from around the world judged solely by... More »

Hey UK! Win a 13 ASSASSINS Sword and Blu-ray!

Enjoy Miike's samurai epic and want to relive the mayhem in high-def glory? Fancy the chance to win a pretty damn cool piece of merchandise? Read on... 13 Assassins sees director Takashi Miike, the man behind such uncompromising and unforgettable... More »
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