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LA Film Fest 2012 Review: BRAVE

First a mini review: La Luna LA LUNA is the seven minute short that precedes Brave. It is a charming story about the newest member of a family finding his own way of doing things between his father's methods... More »

LA Film Fest 2012 Review: TO ROME WITH LOVE

To Rome with Love is Woody Allen's follow up to his immensely popular film Midnight in Paris. It stars Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni and Woody Allen. It was released in Italy... More »

SXSW 2012: Mike Birbiglia discusses SLEEPWALK WITH ME

After it's amazing reception at Sundance this year, including winning the Best of NEXT audience award, Sleepwalk With Me is continuing with that momentum at SXSW. Mike Birbiglia, sat down with us to discuss his debut feature, sleepwalking and... More »

Chris Kentis and Laura Lau Discuss their new film, SILENT HOUSE

Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, best known for their directorial collaboration on Open Water, are back with a the new thriller/horror film, Silent House. It stars Elizabeth Olson and opens this Friday. Twitch: You've joined a very exclusive club... More »

Sundance 2012 Interview: Don Coscarelli talks JOHN DIES AT THE END

If you read my review of John Dies at the End, you know that I had a great time watching the movie, at midnight, in the Egyptian Theater during The Sundance FIlm Festival. Introduced by a bushy bearded Paul Giamatti who... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED

Safety Not Guaranteed is the feature film debut of director Colin Trevorrow and writer Derek Connolly. It stars Aubrey Plaza as Darius Britt, a new writer at a local magazine. She is sent out with her boss and a... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: SLEEPWALK WITH ME

Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me has a lot going for it. It's smart, it's charming, it's funny and it's deeply personal. If you know of Mike Birbiglia's other work, you know that this is the case with just about... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: THE PACT

I'll say right now that I am no connoisseur of the horror/thriller genre. I'm not easily scared or startled and while I enjoy the occasional breakout film of this sort, it's not the type of movie I actively seek... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: ROBOT AND FRANK

Robot and Frank is a touching story about a man named Frank, played by Frank Langella, and his (at first) imposed friendship with, yes, a robot. It's got a great sense of humor which functions contrapuntally against the more... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: UNDER AFRICAN SKIES

Under African Skies is a documentary about Paul Simon's seminal album, Graceland. It covers the producing of the original album as well as the controversy it sparked upon its release. The album was seen as a breaking of the... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: FILLY BROWN

I can't say enough good about Filly Brown, the first film from directing team Michael Olmos and Youssef Delara. They have both directed their own features independently, but clearly this was a team that was meant to be. Not... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: JOHN DIES AT THE END

John Dies at the End is not a movie for everyone. In my opinion, that's a good thing. A film showing at a festival like Sundance should not only be allowed to be different and hold a unique perspective... More »

Sundance 2012 Review: GRABBERS is One Classy Creature Feature

Something has gone badly wrong on picturesque Erin Island. The boatload of missing fisherman should have given that away. Or, if not that, then the entire pod of pilot whales that washed up on shore dead and with great gash... More »


Rampart is the new drama by director Oren Moverman, who is best known for his 2009 film The Messenger. Once again, Moverman has cast Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster as well as new comers to his company, Anne Heche,... More »

Fantastic Fest 2011: SNOWTOWN Review

Snowtown is an intense thriller/drama that chronicles the real life murder spree piloted by John Justin Bunting, Australia's most prolific serial killer to date. The film focuses on James Vlassakis, the son of a friend and possible lover of Bunting's.... More »
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